Expectations vs. Reality

IMG_4338^^ Fitz refused to have his picture taken leaving just Hem, Howard and I for this family photo. ^^

Birthday Expectation: I planned on having THE BEST, most dance-filled, beer accompanied birthday of all time this weekend. I mean, this year was my golden birthday — turning 24 on the 24th — so after going back and forth a million times, I decided to actually plan a birthday party. Yes, me! Plan a birthday! The girl who refused to have a birthday party past the age of nine because she got too nervous when people would stare at her while they sang the  birthday song.

But it seems the more you plan something, the more you tell your coworker that Wednesday is actually NOT your birthday and to please stop confusing everyone into yelling birthday salutations at me across the office, the more Fate gets it into her mind to start playing puppet master.

Birthday Reality: Needless to say, my 24th birthday was rung in with no dancing or beer but with antibiotics, a virus and a very tired Howard catching the last flight out of Sacramento. Leading up to the weekend, I was pretty much as civil as an Ewok whose home was being threatened. While sickness does not bring out the best in me — nobody has time for this! — sickness before my birthday is just a double dose of pessimism. The cat cuddling helped. And all the napping. And getting to catch up on reading. And the mountains of tea. But I just missed feeling like myself.

While I could write off this weekend for everything it wasn’t, I continuously found myself looking around and sighing with happiness at all the sweet little moments unfolding around me. My family came down on my birthday to bring Howard and I lunch and as we opened presents in my cramped, little apartment, it was the best gift of all being surrounded by all the people I love most. Plus getting to go on a movie date with Howard, who patiently took care of me all weekend, was even more perfect. And then getting to go to Korean BBQ with Howard’s family who fuss around that you aren’t eating enough and take bracelets off their wrists to give you as birthday presents — double perfection.

So thank you to Howard and my family for giving me the best birthday weekend a sick person could ever dream of!

And to Alex, who knew you celebrating my birthday on the wrong day would actually turn out to be my biggest birthday celebration? Thank you for everything.

^^ Always a great reminder. ^^


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