Goodbye 23, Hello 24

IMG_3899^^ My YouTube Nation family. ^^

Dear 23,

It’s a bit sad that today is our last day together, but I want you to know, I’ll always remember you fondly. Even though, sometimes you were NOT lovely and included more growing pains than any other year. Blame it on being sick at the moment I’m writing this but now that I think about it, 23 I think you owe me a beer!

I mean you were the year I moved into the city of horrible traffic. The year my boyfriend moved away and my close friends started jobs in other parts of town. The year my heater had a gas leak and my face decided to go through puberty and break out whenever it pleased.

But on the other hand, you did give me some of the best times too. You were the year I adopted Fitz and Hem and started dating Howard. The year that turned a cryptic email from Scott Lamb into my dream job at YouTube Nation. The year I started writing for Voices and moved into the greatest apartment and stopped biting my nails and got over my fear of being on camera. The year I learned to fly fish with my dad and enjoy the hell out of Disneyland with my mum. But mostly, you were the year I began to feel more and more comfortable in my own skin.

Fine, fine 23, I guess I actually owe you a beer.

IMG_2175^^ My best guys. ^^

It was hard to pick one thing, but what I believe I’ll miss most about you are all the memories you captured in that little studio apartment in Costa Mesa. My best friends crammed into every corner, whenever I came home that year, I’d find either Joe or Howard or JJ cooking and binge watching on Netflix.  It was a time when we each had everything in front of us, nothing to lose and the ability to be together.

So if you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to take that spirit with me into 24. And while Joe and JJ and Howard no longer grace my life on the daily, it is because of last year that I became lucky enough to call them my best friends.

23, you’ve been the best and 24, I have high hopes you’ll be even better!



^^ The only way to ring in this day is with the Pistol Shrimps. ^^


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