The Year of Howard

IMG_4264^^ Celebrating our one year over black and tans in a small pub in San Fran. Perfection. ^^

This past week, Howard and I celebrated our one year anniversary of becoming a couple. And in that time — and in the three years before in which we were just best friends — I’ve come to observe and learn of the habits of this sweet boyfriend of mine.

So without further ado, Howard Hsu, this one is for you.

7 True Facts about Howard Bear Hsu

1. There is nothing that makes him happier than throwing clothes on the ground.

If there is anything I’ve learned about Howard, it is that he gets sheer joy from the most unusual things. Chief among them, throwing clothes on the ground and being as comfortable as possible. When we both lived in Irvine, it wasn’t uncommon for me to come home to find a shirtless, happy Howard watching “Break Bad” on the couch with socks, dress shirts and pants strewn around him. He’s an odd bean that one.

2. His go to song is “Man or a Muppet.”

Without getting into too many details, a few years ago, Howard and I went to Vegas together to celebrate his fraternity’s formal. After a few too many beverages, Howard and I believed it was THE BEST idea to walk through the hotel singing “Man or a Muppet” loudly and proudly. In hindsight, it was not appreciated as it should have been by the crowds, but it did secure between us an undying love of this song. Now whenever I have a bad day, Howard will sing, “Are you a manly muppet or a muppet of a a man?” It’s a sure fire way to improve my day.

3. If he could eat steak and drink beer for every meal, he would.

Once Howard moved to Sacramento, I came to the harsh realization that not only had my boyfriend relocated but my steak chef as well. It was a adjustment. And if Howard had it his way, every meal would be steak themed. No veggies, no potatoes, just steak with garlic. And a lemon yogurt pancake on the side.

singlesnet^^ The lovely ladies at the CARE Office dug this up for me. It was part of a “Cultural Culprits” campaign and one of the first photos Howard and I ever took as friends. We just kept laughing through this entire shoot and when we started dating, always wanted to find this original photo. Thank you Winnie and Zabie bear! Also, who the hell would hold hands like this? ^^

4. His gifts are ridiculously creative.

Even when we were just best friends, every celebration Howard would surprise me with the most original, special gift. The kind of gift that makes you think, “I never thought I wanted this, but now that I have it, I can never imagine life without it!” Scarves the color of my birth stone, the entire James Bond collection, and most recently, a Polaroid camera. It was the best gift to date, and captured so many memories of our last San Fran adventure. And when he wasn’t celebrating a special day, Howard would drop off ice teas on campus for me when the finals and studying and interning became too much. Now that, is a good friend.

5. He’s my favorite teammate.

Both in life and on the beer pong court, Howard is the ultimate partner. Whenever anyone asks about long distance, the most honest answer I can give is this: It would never work with anyone other than Howard. He’s attentive from far away, always supportive of my millions of projects, and on my off days, just listens as I mope and gripe about petty problems. With Howard, I honestly feel like I can do anything.

6. He’s a true adventurer at heart.

Whenever Howard and I are sitting around, drinking ice teas and talking about life, there is a moment when he’ll lean in and say, “We’re going to travel the world.” He never means it as a wistful thought, like owning a pack of dalmatians, but rather a statement. And I love it. There are few people that would walk around an entire city, getting lost on purpose, only to turn around and do it again and again on every trip. I feel lucky to have someone who wants to see the world as much as I do, and am excited to take my first flight with him before he leaves.

7. He truly loves the people in his life.

Whether you’re Howard’s family or friend, once you’re a part of his life, he is crazy loyal to your friendship — a quality I truly admire. There are few people who will be on your side through mistakes and fights and bad days, but Howard seems to see the best in all of us. For that, I feel truly grateful.

I love you Howard. Happy one year of pure happiness and a beer’s cheer to the many more to come.


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