How I Learned to NOT Throwup on My Shoes at YouTube Nation

^^ One of the highlights of my YouTube Nation career right behind SmoothieFreak and Sparky Sweets PhD. following me on Twitter. ^^

There are two things that always happen when I film a segment for the YouTube Nation: One, I sweat to the point of wearing off the adhesive on the mic tape and two, it takes about 5,467 tries for me get my words out right. And after a seven month roller coaster of nerves and learning to wear makeup and trying not to sound like a crazy person, dare I say I’ve begun to enjoy being on camera instead of my original reaction of fearing it.

If you’ve known me for any amount of time, you’ve probably noticed I get pretty nervous being in the spotlight. Hell, I didn’t even have birthday parties growing up because I hated being the center of attention so much. Although I don’t mind birthday parties anymore — can anyone say free drinks?!

When I originally started filming segments for this job, our Executive Producer Steve Woolf came up with a trick plan to get me more comfortable in front of the camera. In the first couple weeks, I just babbled away to Steve and one camera. And while each added person or light or makeup was an adjustment, it was so gradual I didn’t really notice until our show went live that it wasn’t just Steve anymore.

I think back to how terrified and awkward I felt filming and wish I could tell myself, it gets better. Stepping out of your comfort zone will not only make you grow, but make you a better person. And while I still get nervous on the regular, I’m more appreciative for being chosen to present a segment then anything else.

So thank you Steve Woolf for seeing something in my awkward, makeup adverse self all those months ago. You’re one of my absolute favorites.


This segment above is extra special to me because it highlights some of the incredibly talented female musicians on YouTube. With only five videos being chosen for each daily show, it can be a challenge to get certain creators or genres into a spot. So after many months of arguing for these artists in the pitch meeting, I felt so honored to get to present them to our audience in a special segment!

I dedicate this video to all the young creatives never take no for an answer. I hope you never forget that if you knock long enough and yell loud enough about what you believe in, eventually someone will listen. And when that happens, all will be right in the world.

^^ Story of my life. ^^



8 thoughts on “How I Learned to NOT Throwup on My Shoes at YouTube Nation

  1. Zadi and I were always confident that your passion (and all the curators, for that matter) would be all that was needed to be great on camera. You proved us right!

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