Mums and Minions

IMG_4103^^ Probably the happiest moment of my life. Before the picture was taken, the little yellow minion danced with me  while the purple one just kept stamping around and growling. It was sheer perfection ^^

Sometimes when life throws you lemons, all you can do is pack up your Walle backpack and head to Universal Studios with your mum. It’s really the only way to go. This past Sunday, my mum and I were off, and no matter how long the wait, we were determined to get on the new Despicable Me ride. Trust me, I wasn’t going to allow any amount of small children or strollers to stand in my way of interacting with minions.

A few months ago, my mum and I decided to play hooky and go to Universal Studios for a day. We giggled and screamed  our way through three Mummy rides, a terrifying King Kong experience, and waving to my high school friend who happened to be working on the backlot. It was just one of those perfect days that still makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

IMG_4095^^ Just an idea of what I’m modeling my future home after. ^^

My parents and I have always been extremely close and the older I’ve gotten, the deeper our friendship has become. When it comes to my mum, as my dad likes to say, we’re two peas in a pod. We have the same voice, the same sense of humor, the same eyes, the same problem with uncontrollably giggling in inappropriate situations, and the same sass. In a sense, I’m just a shorter, more brunette version of my mum — with 50 percent of my dad thrown in there somewhere (the thighs and nose are definitely his).  I am in constant awe of my mum’s strength and her ability to hold our family together during moments of tragedy. She’s a rock that woman, and I’m a better person for being her kid.

When I look back on this Universal trip, I will partly remember the Despicable Me ride and my mum laughing next to me during the entire Mummy ride, but mostly I’ll remember just how much fun my mum and I had being together. And how we talked from the minute we got into the car together at 1030am to the last minute after dinner with my family. When it comes to my mum, she just gets it: My relationships, my stress, my triumphs, my disappointments and my nervousness. She’s my person.

IMG_4093^^ Oddly enough, the older I get, the more and more I’ve started looking like my mum. My genes are finally making those 32 hours of labor worth it for her. ^^

In two weeks, my mum and I are finally going to Disneyland after a few years away and we’re are already starting to map out our park plans. Because if there is three things we take seriously in the world, it’s amusement parks, ice tea, and a great pair of Toms. So if you don’t hear from either of us in the next two weeks (but then again, why would you be talking to my mum in the first place?) we’ll be working out in order to get into proper Disneyland shape — both physically and mentally.

I love you Mum and boy am I glad I get to be your kid!

IMG_4094^^ Could I be any happier in this picture? Maybe if Scooby had given me a free Sprinkles cupcake, but other than that, nope! ^^


4 thoughts on “Mums and Minions

    • Jeri! Thank you for all the sweet wishes! My family and I are very lucky to have you in our lives as well. And fingers crossed, a visit to southern California is soon in your future!

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