Life According to my iPhone

It doesn’t take long for my iPhone to get bogged down with photos of the cats doing …. pretty much anything and everything. Sometimes the best part about this blog is looking back through the many ridiculous pictures and remembering all the little moments that added up to big adventures. Plus, when I’m old and gray and my tits are in my shoes, I’ll look through these posts and think, “Damn, I wore a lot of animal clothing.”

Yes, I have high hopes for the future.

IMG_3855^^ The biggest news of all  — right after weddings and Voices — was the arrival of one of YouTube Nation’s favorite creators, Sparky Sweets PhD. of Thugnotes. Sparky stopped by to drop some literary knowledge on all us bibliophiles, and in the process, we snapped about a 174 pictures with him. We all couldn’t help squealing and giggling and waving when we saw him, and he was kind enough to pretend we weren’t all crazy people. In short, it was amazing.  ^^

IMG_3856^^ And if meeting Sparky wasn’t exciting enough, he then followed me on Twitter. ON TWITTER PEOPLE! This pretty much solidified us as best friends in my book. ^^

IMG_3926 IMG_3984^^ I sifted through about 1254 cat pictures to find the perfect ones to depict my current life with Fitz and Hem. Our days are pretty much filled with cat cuddles and watching birds out the windows and the occasional nap. Hem has developed this adventurous climbing habit, so many times I’ll turn around, and find her on the top of my refrigerator or closet door. As for Fitz, I often wake up to a 15 pound cat laying on my chest and staring at me. He’s odd, but I’ll keep him. ^^

IMG_3995^^ Dear Past Carly,

Do you remember the first time you and Churro took a muppet photo together? You had just gotten back from living in Washington DC for three months and he whisked you away one afternoon to bask in the glory of Kermit and Miss Piggy. It was the perfect day. And then, he did it all over again last month for the sequel! How wonderful is that!? I believe we should keep him.

Best, Present Carly

PS. I know you’re wondering and yes, his laugh still does sound like velociraptor mating call. ^^

IMG_4001^^ The other day during a very normal, very casual YouTube happy hour, I met Optimus Prime. As you can tell from this photograph — and the 167 others my friends and I took that day — it was love at first sight. We discussed life, Megatron, Shia Labeouf’s life choices, and at the end of the day, I was sad to have to leave my new friend behind. Then again, he did take up like 14 parking spots so maybe it’s better we only meet on occasion. ^^

IMG_4035^^ You know it’s going to be a lovely night when you come home to find JJ and a bottle of wine sitting on your front steps. He insisted we celebrate my first Voices story being published and in that moment, I felt my heart swell to three times its size with love. ^^

IMG_4021^^ If only I could wear this Steppie Panda sweatshirt every day of my life, I would. ^^

IMG_4042^^ One of the amazing things about working at a place like YouTube Nation, is you never know who is going to come through and film on any given day. We were lucky enough to get to meet Zach Anner, an amazing guy who hosts the show “Have a Little Faith.” On his show, Anner explores the many different religions of the world to provide viewers with important knowledge and context of these faiths. ^^

IMG_4072^^ Introducing Zadi Diaz! Zadi wears many hats at YouTube Nation including executive producer, general badass, and person who drinks more tea in the office than me (and I drink A LOT of tea). This photo marked Zadi and my one year work-iversary at the exact place where we first met. No need to tell me, I know this photo is overflowing with vast amounts of sentimental cuteness. Zadi previously worked at Disney Interactive, and while I was still working for Newmediarockstars, I had the chance to interview her at an event called Animash (If you look on the far left of the photo, you’ll see my cat drawing and signature on the board :)) I’ve always admired Zadi’s incredible work ethic, sincerity and her ability to stay calm among all the stresses that come with running YouTube Nation. And now I get to work with her?! I still pinch myself over that one. ^^

IMG_4068^^ And last, but certainly not least, one of my favorite Howard pictures to date. Turns out, the best person to take with you to any wedding is always the guy who knows how to pump a keg. Cheers babe! ^^


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