The Little Moments with Howard

IMG_4060^^ I may be biased but I do believe I had the handsomest wedding date this weekend. ^^

I got spoiled recently and got to see my boyfriend not only once, but TWICE in the past three weeks. I mean, how lucky can one girl get? Well, probably luckier than having her boyfriend move 300 miles away but hey, what can you do?

It’s always a bit of a whirlwind when Howard visits. We either try and cram in as many adventures in 72 hours as we possible or spend all day hardcore relaxing, and this weekend, it was a balance of the both. We had “Game of Thrones” to be watched, black and tans to be drank, families to visit and sweet weddings to attend.

I’ve never been to a friend wedding before, and was a bit relieved when Howard casually decided he wanted to fly down to be my date for the big day. He must have had a premonition there would be an open bar and an excuse for him to wear a tie, because there was no stopping to kid. He was determined to be my wedding date and that was that.

IMG_4069^^ The part where I cried. And then Howard cried. And everyone cried. And then the sailor officiate in the back made a corny joke and they were married! ^^

IMG_4071^^ Waiting for lunch to begin. Thankfully we had a few glasses of champagne and beer to keep us company. ^^

The wedding was for a very dear coworker of mine, Alex Sargaent and his lady love, Bailey — also known as the craftiest woman in the world. For Alex’s birthday, she made 15 different types of cookies and surprised us all at the office with them. It was at that moment all of YouTube Nation collectively fell in love with her. I mean, she made her own funfetti frosting! But I digress.

The wedding was perfect, from the “Princess Bride” cake toppers to the homemade beer. It was personal and celebratory and exactly how I imagined Alex and Bailey’s special day to be. For me, it was not only special to be there for the big day, but to have Howard meet Alex — who is intertwined with most of my YouTube Nation stories.

IMG_4075^^ The cats spent the majority of their weekend cuddled up on Howard or yowling at him to pet them. Not picture is Fitz who was sitting right next to my leg at the time. It was a cat sandwich! ^^

As for the rest of the weekend, Howard and I spent our time grabbing drinks with Zabie and Gmoney, breakfasting with my family, binge watching “Game of Thrones,” drinking wine, and indulging in lots of cat cuddle time. It just meant so much to have him here, in the same city, for a wedding that was incredibly important to me.

While long distance is a beast in itself, Howard continues to give me all the best memories and makes me appreciate the little life moments more and more.

I miss you already Howard and can’t wait to see you in San Francisco for your birthday/ our anniversary/ my birthday! Chin up pup, you’re doing okay.

IMG_3961^^ I want it to be noted that I won all three bowling games that day. A personal record! ^^

^^ Never forget to dance. Now play us out brass band! ^^


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