Dear Love, It’s Me Carly

IMG_3747^^ Finally got to take my favorite guy to my favorite restaurant to feast on the world’s best rolls. To be honest, this Valentine’s dinner was just excuse to get closer to the bread.  ^^

Dear Love,

It’s me, Carly. No, I’m not writing to apologize for mocking all those over-the-top, annoying couples clogging up the my sidewalk. Even you have to admit, they’re the worst!

Instead, I wanted to say thank you.

These past two week Love, you’ve truly spoiled me and filled my life with affections and relationships of all shapes and sizes. It’s no secret that I’m not the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day. But the minute Howard stepped into my car outside the Southwest terminal, it became impossible to deny just how wonderful love is. It didn’t seem to matter what the weekend had in store for us as we quickly filled our days with bakery trips, James Bond movies, and cat cuddles.

IMG_3752^^ And I plan to never take down my one successful Pinterest project. Now everyday is Valentine’s Day! ^^

While Valentine’s Day is traditionally focused on romance, the day inspired in me a thankfulness for all the forms love has taken in my life over the past year. For the unconditional love of my family and the love of new and old friends. The love of Joe — even though he’s in South Korea — and JJ and Churro and Imali and Josie and Phuc. For my love of writing and storytelling and passion to end sexual violence. The love of my coworkers and their pride in our growing show. For the love of ice tea (obviously) and my growing feline family and cartoon animal sweaters and handwritten letters and British YouTubers and inspiring authors. And most of all, thankful that I get to be in love with my best friend.

So this year Love, you out did yourself. And as a token of my appreciation, I promise to stop groaning when “those couples” pass me on the street. At least I’ll try real hard too.

IMG_3777^^ It took 23 years but my cousin Melinda and I are now avocado picking pros. ^^

^^ Introducing the senior curator of YouTube Nation, the lovely and incredibly knowledgeable Earnest Pettie! He always knows just the right thing to say and inspires me everyday through his incredible work ethic and desire to continue growing as a creative. ^^

^^ Inspired by the handsome man above, YouTube Nation’s very own Alex Sargaent has also launched his own vlog channel with notes and advice to his future self. Alex is my person at YouTube Nation and without him, my day would be void of side-cramping laughs and Charlieissocoollike discussions. ^^


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