Taking a Breath

IMG_3784^^ Unlike me, Fitz is a pro at taking time for himself. ^^

I was sitting across from my parents the other night at their favorite Thai restaurant when my mum leaned over and in her sweet, nice way, stated, “Don’t take this the wrong way but your eyes look really tired.”

It was one of those moments of honesty you only share with your closest loved ones. And my mum had hit the nail right on its head. After a week of sickness and losing countless battles to the Sandman at 7:30pm at night, by Friday I’d felt my week had been a total wash. I hadn’t written anything for Voices, I was behind on freelance, I hadn’t finished a series of pitch letters, I didn’t run, I hadn’t touched a book, and worst of all, I’d fallen asleep every night before my cats. So of all the things I’d felt I was this week, being tired and overwhelmed was at the top of the list.

And in her sweet, nice way (because she’s the most lovable person in the world), my mum simply put, “You need to relax and take time for yourself. “

Relax? Well, that’s something I’m horrible at. Just ask Howard. The poor guy frequently gets phone calls that consist of me stress ranting about deadlines and taking on more projects than I should. So in an effort avoid developing high blood pressure before I’m 30, I’ve decided to stop feeling guilty about doing things that have no other purpose than making me happy.

I say, cheers to less to do lists and being more realistic about how many things I can fit in a 24 hour day. Cheers to trying new things and traveling and watching movies and letting hours pass by in the company of cats, ice tea and books. Cheers to finding happiness.

^^ And when we’re done relaxing — which should be in about 46 minutes — one of my favorite vloggers, Anna Akana, will pump us up for our next passion project. Her words are small but mighty. ^^

^^ Because this video is so wonderful and it could never make it into our show. ^^


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