Life Lately According To My iPhone

Life has been pretty good to this girl lately, and while it’s hard to pin down just one favorite moment, there are a few that stand a step above the rest. And a few billion cat pictures I need to get off my phone and onto this scrapbook I call my blog before the memory fills up again. Hey world, you’re welcome.

IMG_3637^^ In the biggest news, the cats have gone from hiding under the couch to hogging every square inch of my furniture. The second I wake up in the morning, Hem begins crashing around the place with her toys and Fitz takes it upon himself to follow me around meowing about their breakfast. The cats met my parents for the first time this past Sunday, and after a few hours of playing and cuddling and a bit of biting, the four became fast friends. Now the cats just have to bond with Howard and all will be well in the world.

But the best part of having these cats around? Watching their personalities and love for one another grow. They sleep together, rough house together, eat together, and most days, happily spend the time in-between naps curled up together on the window sill watching the world go by. ^^

IMG_3557^^ We’ve had some pretty big names stop by the YouTube Nation office recently including Mystery Guitar Man — the stop motion master pictured above — Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart, Mamrie Hart, and DJ Flula. Who are the rest of these beautiful people you ask? My curation team, of course! That’s Alex on the left, he’s one of my favorites. I mean I shoved him too hard during a potato sack race today and he still agreed to be my friend so things are going well. ^^

photo 3^^ YouTube Nation also received a special visit from the one and only DJ Flula. Imagine having a giant German man yell at you to be his valentine and that pretty much sums up his time in the office.

A sidenote, the guy in the blue shirt is my favorite cameraman Tony. When I first started being filmed, I was always so nervous — like sweaty, deer caught in headlights nervous. In-between takes, Tony would put down the camera, reassure me I was doing fine, tell me a joke, show me a video of his latest filming adventure, and suddenly, filming wasn’t so bad. Hell, somewhere along the way it has even become fun. His little gestures of kindness truly meant the world to me. ^^

IMG_3564^^ So, the cats liking their new home probably wasn’t the most important news as compared to my lovely boyfriend completing his first solo flight. That’s right, he flies a plane by himself. Take that in. Here he is moments after landing on his own and being iced by his classmates. I couldn’t be prouder of this handsome man. ^^

IMG_3579^^ The importance of this photograph? Well, in the three years Phuc Pham and I have been friends, I think I have been able to snap two photos of him smiling. And one of them was blurry. So imagine my delight and surprise when I realized this little gem was safely stored away on my phone. Finally, victory is mine! ^^


IMG_3583^^ In celebration of my dad’s 61st birthday, my mum and I put on our fancy clothes — by that we mean put on pants — and treated my dad to a night on the town. Chocolate cake at Roys, classy drinks, a Clippers game — it was quite the night if we do say so ourselves. So why do we look like Muppet people in the photo above? One, that’s obviously our game faces, and two, my mum didn’t realize she was taking 16 photos on my phone. Got to love her. ^^

IMG_3515^^ Let me tell you a little about the woman above in the black tank top. First off, her name is Zabie Khorakiwala — I just call her Zabie bear, and I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if you did the same — and she’s the Violence Prevention coordinator at UC Irvine. She’s also a trauma sensitive yoga instructor. Yes, she has two jobs because one wasn’t enough.

She was my mentor for two years during my undergrad and advised me projects such as Voices and We Step Into The Light. She doesn’t sleep, she does a million things a day and rarely tires, she founded her own yoga program for survivors of sexual violence, she keeps trying to convince me kale is good, she likes hugs, she REALLY likes Pinterest, and she is engaged to the most lovely man. To me, she’s the epitome of strength and love and passion, and her work, both at UC Irvine and through yoga, continues to inspire me everyday.

photo 1 ^^ Welcome home human. ^^

photo 2^^ And a happy Tuesday from my family to yours. ^^


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