Fitz and Hem: My Furry New Roommates

IMG_3551^^ As you can see, one of us was obviously more excited than the other. ^^

If I’m going to tell this story properly, I should probably start from the very beginning. But spoiler alert, the story ends with two feline companions becoming my roommates — one of which is currently trying to pull my Harry Potter books off their shelves so she can sit down.

IMG_3534^^ Yes, this is how I spent an entire Saturday. ^^

It all started when Lizzie — my YouTube Nation alterego –and I decided to brave the crowds of cat super fans at the Internet Cat Film Festival in the hopes of meeting none other than THE Grumpy Cat. And let me just say, Grumpy Cat is a total professional. No attitude, very relaxed, never raised her voice — a real sweetheart. Not like that Keyboard Cat, but he’s an entirely different story.

The week before, my parents had to put Moe down and we were all continuing to miss him tremendously. So add the missing of Moe on top of being in an enclosed space with hundreds of other cat lovers on top of a couple beers and suddenly this decision might begin to make sense. In the midst of the uproar over Keyboard Cat and trying to weasel my way to the front of the group so I could see (seriously, how is everyone in Los Angeles six inches taller than me?), I decided I needed to get a cat. Or cats to be more specific.

The rest of the day, Lizzie and I prattled on about where I should adopt from, how I would take care of them, what I should name them, why it was such a good idea to do it now. And with an affirmation from Howard and my family, I became even more convinced that I, Carly Lanning, tax paying resident of Los Angeles, should furnish her simple apartment with two furry companions.

And that is exactly what I did.

IMG_3620^^ The only picture I could snap before they spent the rest of the night hidden under the couch. ^^

So what do I know about these cats of mine? At the moment, not too much. They’re 10 months old. Brother and sister. Fitz was originally named Butterscotch and Hem was named Lulu before I changed their names to represent two of Howard and my favorite writers (F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway). They’ve been fostered their entire lives by a wonderful woman named Monika who works for the nonprofit Cats At The Studio. Their first night they spent entirely under the couch. Their second day they explored every nook and cranny of the apartment and demanded I share my chicken with them. Fitz likes to fall asleep with his legs sprawled out at the foot of my couch while Hem doesn’t seem to ever run out of energy. Hem likes to climb on everything — bookshelves, dollhouse, stove, bed, closet, TV stand, sink — while Fitz prefers to take in situations at a distance. Hem likes to hold conversations, lots of conversations. And most importantly they’re quickly becoming the loves of my life.

And to think, it all started with a cat film festival and Grumpy Cat.

^^ For all the cat lovers out there, this one is for you. ^^

^^ And this one. I love them both so much. ^^


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