Life According To My iPhone

IMG_3476^^ There is nothing I love more than turning the corner and finding Howard comfortably situated in my home. Just feels right. ^^

According to my iPhone (and for the most part my memory), the past couple weeks have been a blur of YouTube Nation pitch meetings, freelance interviews, late night writing sessions, explorations of Los Angeles, Howard and Joe skype dates, paddle boarding with the family and yoga classes when I can grab them. A pretty accurate summary iPhone, well done. And in the hopes of not losing these photos in the vast, all-consuming folders of my laptop, I thought what better way to preserve my memories than on this here blog.

IMG_3479^^ Howard visited this past weekend and finally got to see my new apartment in Westwood. While the weekend was a blur of family and friends visits, it was nice on Sunday just to cuddle up together, eat a lemon bar, and watch James Bond. The James Bond was even his idea, not mine! Although he did choose “Die Another Day,” but still, I’ll take what I can get. ^^

IMG_3431^^ Somehow, even though he’s retired, my dad still seems to be more busy than I am. Oh, and did I mention he’s in much more fit than I am too? Awesome. So when you don’t find him on the golf course, you’ll most likely find him paddling around Ventura with the seals. Mind you, this photo was taken 20 minutes before I fell into the freezing water while trying to do yoga on my board. ^^

IMG_3426^^ This is Churro, my very handsome New Years Eve date and best friend for going on six years. He’s the guy I’d never let give the speech at my funeral because he holds within his memory all the embarrassing things I’ve done throughout my life. Poor guy, it’s a wonder he’s kept me around all these years, but by now, there is no getting rid of me. ^^

IMG_3417^^ Photographic evidence of the time my dad went to Costco and bought a 60 inch TV, a bottle of beer and socks. My mum made him return the TV the next day but at least the beer was good! ^^

IMG_3407^^ The greatest gift I’ve ever received — an irresistibly cute cat sweater — straight from my parents’ hearts to me. And you can bet your bottom dollar this bad boy will be making many YouTube Nation appearances. ^^

IMG_3393^^ Moe was the ultimate gift wrapping assistant this past Christmas. I’d get the gifts, he’d crush the paper, and by the end of the day, we had quite the system going. ^^

IMG_3454^^ When we first started doing long distance about three months ago, Howard and I made a rule that we would send a picture to each other each day. And while his always include cool pictures of him flying planes, mine either include cats or photos of outfits paired with the message, “Does this make me look too much like a teenage boy or could I wear it on camera?” ^^

IMG_3464^^ For Christmas this past year, my mum and I chipped in to get my dad basketball tickets to the UCLA vs. Arizona game. And this past Sunday, we did just that. After snagging them the golden parking spot, we all enjoyed a home cooked dinner and a couple beers before we walked over to campus. This is the first photo that made me realize how much my mum and I are starting to look alike. Growing up, I always looked most like my dad but now it’s about 50/50. ^^

IMG_3494^^ And my favorite picture of all. This is Earnest Pettie, the senior video curator at YouTube Nation, and the man who knows about every video ever published on the internet. Every Friday, you can tune into our show to see the segment “Stump Earnest,” in which viewers challenge Earnest to find videos about most random subjects. But my favorite things about Earnest include his break dance skills, his belief that wearing boat shoes make his outfits more casual, his exceptional video explanations, his Oklahoma stories, his reassurances at the end of my stress rants, his weekly vlogs, and most of all, his genuine care for everyone on his team. ^^

^^ There is a group of British filmmakers/ comedians that I have come to truly love over the past year. Charlieissocoollike, Ben Cook, Alex Day, Tom Ska, Crabstickz, danisnotonfire, and of course, Jack and Dean, are all creators that have stolen my YouTube heart. Keep making videos guys, and you better believe I’ll keep watching. ^^


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