For A Furry Little Cat Named Moe

IMG_3401^^ My main man. ^^

When I was growing up, the thing I wanted more than anything in the entire world was a cat. And when I say more than anything, I mean more than anything. At one point in first grade, I tried to convince my classmates I had a cat who had just had kittens, to which they replied, “Do you mean your stuffed animal cat?” Hey, I worked with what I could get.

So in fourth grade when my mum and dad told me I could get a cat if I researched how to care for them, you would have thought I’d won a free year trip to Disneyland. I was cartwheels-in-the-backyard, run-around-telling-everyone excited. Now 14 years later, I’m still in awe of how lucky I am to have rescued two orange furballs such as Moe and Jackie.

IMG_2793^^ I mean how could you not want to cuddle with this fluffly guy every hour of the day?! ^^

For those of you who have met Moe, you’ll back me up when I say Moe was a dog stuck in a cat’s body. He came whenever you called his name; he followed you around the house all day; he demanded being feed every two hours by yowling at you; he had to be around people 24 hours a day; and he ate everything in sight including hair ties (his favorite), plastic bags, clothing, shoe laces, ribbons, pillow cases, paper, rubber bands, bacon, popcorn, Christmas trees, flowers and table cloths. Yes, take that all in.

 But the thing that stands out most about this cat was his unconditional and unquenchable love for my family.

For the past 14 years, Moe has been this girl’s ultimate best friend. He’s seen me through glasses and braces;  heartbreaks and college finals; internships and publishing my first article. He was always the first thing I’d see walking through my parent’s door and the last of the family I’d say goodbye to on the way out. To say he will be missed is an understatement.

IMG_3413^^ He was also a great writer and thinker as you can see. I was simply useful to him due to my thumbs and  note taking abilities. ^^

So Moe, I hope you enjoyed being my roommate and know how much you were truly loved. It won’t be the same when I come home to write and don’t have your fat paws walking over my keyboard. But I promise, Jackie and I will continue your tradition of walking my parents up at 4:30am every morning to be fed — her, cat food; me pancakes. Having you in my life was a greater gift than even 4th grade Carly could have ever imagined. Love you little man.

^^ Once a crazy cat woman, always a crazy cat woman. ^^


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