A Weekend With The Boy

IMG_3309^^ An all expenses paid trip to McDonalds. Howard really knows how to woo a girl. 🙂 ^^

A few weekends ago, I found myself, backpack in hand, eagerly waiting at the gates of LAX for my first trip to Sacramento to visit Howard. This past October, he was accepted into Eva Air’s flight program and has been studying in Sacramento to become a commercial pilot for the past couple of months. And while it’s amazing to hear about his adventures and the plans for his upcoming flights, it’s also a bit of an adjustment to have your boyfriend stationed 400 miles away.

Needless to say, I miss him endlessly.

But for the whole weekend, Howard and I simply basked at the warmth of being together. We basked while running around the state capital looking for the oil painting of Arnold, we basked in old town Sacramento eating pizza and sipping basil beer, we basked while strolling by the river, and watching “American Horror Story,” and shopping at Costco, and celebrating our anniversary.

It’s been the memories of our weekend — and the anticipation for the weekend adventures to come — that continues to inspire me to put my all into this long distance relationship. Because how many times in your life do you fall in love with your best friend? I say I’d better hold onto this Howard guy, he seems like a keeper.

IMG_3355^^ A pretty accurate representation of what I looked like on the flight back home. ^^


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