A Farewell To 2013

IMG_1362^^ This photo was taken on New Year’s Eve 2012 right before Howard convinced us to take a different way home and got us lost in the freezing cold for over an hour. Thanks love. ^^

If there is anything you need to know about me, it’s that I love making lists. I love the sense of organization it brings, the satisfaction I feel checking off a daunting task, and often, I impose my list making habits upon everyone in my life. This week, the list maker part of my brain has been extra vocal, and forced me to ask every man, woman and child about their resolutions of 2014.

It’s the idea of going into a new year with a game plan. And while my intentions are always good, I often lose the motivation to accomplish my resolutions about three months in. But not this year I tell you! Inspired by this Huffington Post article, I decided to approach New Years a little different this year and create yearly themes rather than strict goals. Here’s hoping!

Accountability. Whether it’s sticking to a writing deadline or calling friends back in a timely manner or being ten minutes early to a lunch date, being accountable is the biggest thing I want (and need) to work on for this year. It is something I owe to those I care about and something I need excel at in order to advance as a writer.

IMG_2883^^ Adventure is out there! ^^

Adventure. How many times have I said I wanted to visit friends in Boston/New York/Alaska and how many times have I not booked a ticket? Rough estimate here, but I’d have to say every time. Recently I flew up to visit Howard in Sacramento and sitting in the cramped seats of LAX, I was reminded how much I miss traveling. The thrill of waiting for the plane to arrive, the anticipation of the flight, and in the end, the gift of a whole new adventure. But in order to feed my ever growing wanderlust, I’m setting aside a portion of my check each month for travel and making a point to utilize my vacation days. In the mean time, exploring the hidden corners of my new city doesn’t sound so bad at all.

Movement. Today, I took my first yoga class in three months and, at one point, I was convinced that my arms were one sun salutation away from snapping off. It didn’t help that the eight-month pregnant woman behind me was doing yogi pushups like it was nothing, but in the end, I was proud simply that I made it through. This class was a fresh start to the new year and from it, I walked away with the intention of filling 2014 with movement. With hikes and a reconnection with my yoga mat and maybe, overtime, a reunion with my pointe shoes.

Good luck with all your New Year’s ventures my friends and I’ll see you all in 2014!

^^ Nice guys, may 2014 be your year. This heart warming video was done by an upcoming YouTube comedy troupe named Extremely Decent. Fingers crossed, I’m hoping they interview with my in the upcoming year.  ^^


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