Home Again, Home Again

IMG_3384^^ My dad and I continuing our tradition of trying on every scent in Bath and Body Works for my mum’s stocking. Now you all can see where I get my nose from. ^^

After living on my own for many years (seriously, where did the last six years go?!), I’ve garnered a special appreciation for spending the holidays at home. Sure, Valencia’s temperature wavers between 37 and 85 degrees each day, and my cat spends the wee hours of every morning yowling in my ear, but it’s home. And this year, I’ve realized how much I have to be thankful for.

A new job, a lovely boyfriend, avoiding the Target credit card debacle, free parking, Moe perched on my lap while I write this, wonderful friends, inspiring coworkers, the ability to support myself, and beer — it all adds up to a whole lot of wonderfulness.

After all the presents were wrapped and shoved on the ledge above my family’s dining room (another story for another time), I couldn’t help but reflect on both the good and bad changes of the past year. In December of 2012, I was juggling two jobs, one internship, and was living in a closet. Yes, just like Harry Potter, but without the magic and the owls and anything cool. Howard was just my best friend and Joe was still living in America.

And somehow in just 365 days, my life has taken a complete turn and I’ve been able to leave my closet-living and retail-working days behind. So in 2014, I wish only the best for us both dear reader. And while I have no idea what my final destination will be, I do know the journey has been made that much sweeter with a cute pair of boots and a lovely group of friends riding shotgun.

^^ Seriously, try not to laugh at this. ^^


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