Things I Can Now Laugh About

Lets be honest, growing up is hard. It involves bad haircuts and braces and head gears and being picked last for the dodge ball team. But one of the best lessons I’ve learned in my 23 years on this earth, is just to laugh at myself. So prepare yourself for this trip down memory lane, here are four things I can now proudly laugh about:

drumline 038^^ Having to frequently wear unisex costumes for drumline performances probably didn’t help either.  ^^

My sense of style. Good lord, where to even begin with this one. I promise you, I do have many fine qualities — my love of James Bond, my prominent nose that never let me glasses slip off my face — but a sense of style is not one of them. Mind you, growing up as a 90s kid, my generation was a bit lost when it came to fashion. I personally blame the velvet scrunchies and colored bike shorts for setting me up for a lifetime of style failure, but my years of miserably ugly band uniforms could also have something to do with it.

My belief that I would marry my elementary school crush. If you had told me in 2nd grade that I was not going to end up marrying Chasen what’s-his-name, I would have turned to you in disbelief and said, “I just lost my giga pet and now you tell me this! I’m going to die alone!” Dramatic? A bit, but at that point in my life, I had no sense of how big the world was. And sadly, Chasen what’s-his-name moved away shortly after, leaving me with this lesson: To have loved and lost is better than never to have loved at all. What can I say? I was an emotional 2nd grader.

sort out 050^^ Does this scream cool hip hop dancer to you? The answer is no. Sorry 15-year-old Carly. ^^

My attempts at becoming a hip hop dancer. A rule in my house growing up was that I always had to be involved in one sport. I tried them all — tennis, soccer, ice skating, softball — and had no great luck with any of them. That was, until I found dance. Ballet and I just seemed to get each other. But when I attempted to up my cool factor by joining a hip hop class, it was a no go from the start. Turns out, there is just nothing about me that screams cool, badass hip hopper. Nothing. And while my attempts at learning hip hop were brief, the memories of me trying to do the coffee grinder to a Britney Spears song will forever last in my mind.

My adolescent sadness over being boobless. The junior high locker room was a tough time for ole’ Carly Lanning. At the time, when everyone was developing a nice set of knockers, I was instead trying to puff out my chest to make me look less like a 7-year-old boy. Though my boobs did eventually arrive — and by that I mean, they grew enough for me to write an article titled “32A is for Awesome” — the great thing I learned along the way was that I really didn’t care about having the perfect body. I didn’t care that I was boobless or that I would never be able to hold up a strapless dress on my own. I cared that I was happy and healthy. And if I couldn’t learn to laugh about being flat chested, it was going to be a very long life with these 32As.

^^ Now here is something to really chuckle along with. Simon’s Cat is one the most popular animation channels on YouTube and a personal favorite of mine. I just can’t get enough of Simon and his inexhaustible appetite for mischief.  ^^


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