Weekly Wishes #6: Out With The Old

IMG_3246^^ My little old man excels at time management: Sleep, eat, sleep, repeat. ^^

After weeks of humming along in survival mode — Did I pack everything? When will they be done painting? — I’ve decided it’s time to start living again. Like really living.

In short, moving has not been easy. After years of developing relationships with my favorite baristas and bartenders, suddenly I’ve found myself in a new place, with an apartment that hates me, and no idea where to find a good ice tea. And as Howard can tell you, I need a continuous supply of ice tea in my life just to function.

So instead of going into crisis mode, I’ve decided to declare this self-care week. This week I’m doing it all: Yoga classes, walks around Westwood, afternoons lost between the covers of a good book, phone calls with old friends, skype dates with Howard, Christmas shopping for family, happy hour with coworkers. True, this isn’t a hard wish to grant, but it’s a necessary wish.

So goodbye for now! My yoga mat is calling me, and it would be just plain rude not to answer.

^^ If there is any video you should watch today, it’s this TomSka comedy skit. Trust me, I’m an expert. ^^


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