A Goodbye to Costa Mesa


I’ve been postponing this goodbye for a while. Hell, I even thought I’d avoided it altogether until I got a call from my old apartment complex informing me my keys needed to be returned by Saturday or I’d start being charged.

So this weekend, I found myself hitting the road for Orange County — my home for the last six years. This is my goodbye letter to the city I love:

Dear Costa Mesa,

It’s officially time for us to part ways old friend. I promise to visit when I can, and tell everyone in Los Angeles about your amazing Irish pubs and green jasmine ice teas. The truth is, I’ve talked a good story about moving, but deep down, I already miss home.

I never could have anticipated how drastically my life after I moved to Irvine. But over the course of our time together, Orange County has become more than just a place I went to college, but my home. The place where I discovered my love of journalism, where I found life-long friends, rebuilt my life after breakups, and fell in love with a wonderful guy. The place where I discovered who I was, and most importantly, who I wanted to be.

All the best parts of our time together — meeting Churro, starting Voices, my first date with Howard, literature debates with Joe — I’m holding dear to my heart as I move to Los Angeles. I admit, the City of Angels has been rough around the edges, but I do believe in time, I’ll come to love it just as much as I d0 you.

So this is not really goodbye, but until we meet again sweet City.

With deep fondness,



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