Life at a Glance

^^ I’ve gone to grab something out of a box about 347 times only to realize I already packed it. The woes of being over-prepared. ^^

I shamefully admit that I’ve fallen off the blogging horse pretty hard these last couple of weeks. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to blog, if anything I’ve missed the comfort of putting my thoughts on the page. But the more time goes by, the more daunting the task of writing becomes, and most nights I’d rather eat popcorn and watch Scandal than reflect on life. So this is me turning over a new page and getting back on the writing horse.

To say the last month and a half have been a whirlwind would be an understatement. Between my new video curator position, Howard moving to Sacramento for flight school and my upcoming move to Westwood, I feel like my life is in a perpetual state of chaos. The good kind of chaos of course! The kind that precedes a wonderful change in your life and keeps you anticipating the people and places you’re about to explore.

You see, I’m both excited to live in a new city and nervous to leave the place I’ve called home for the past six years. Excited to have time to dance, write, read, and learn the ukelele, yet nervous about meeting new people (seriously, this thought even makes me nervous). It probably doesn’t help that my brain has been in crazy “I miss Howard” mode ever since he left for flight school, but what can you do? He’s too adorable not to love, even being hundreds of miles away.

So, at a glance my life is a series of changes, packing boxes, goodbyes, hellos, late night Skype dates, comic books, YouTube videos, family, pumpkin bread, and, of course, ice tea. Yes, life isn’t half bad.


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