Lets No Longer Be Afraid To …

This week, as I sat in hours of Los Angeles traffic, I couldn’t help but self-reflect on the ups and downs of the past year. I’d recently read an article by LA-based photographer (and friend) Melly Lee titled “Setting Up REAL Goals” and was struck by all the unnecessary and self-made roadblocks I’d let clog the way to achieving my goals. Just to name a few, there is procrastination, not calling people back (sorry everyone, I KNOW how annoying this is), telling myself I’ll wake up early in the morning to finish an article, second guessing my article topics, and over thinking the mistakes of my past until they take on lives of their own. So in an effort to reach my REAL goals, and leave my bad habits in the past, I am vowing to no longer be afraid to:

>> Take a gamble on myself.

>> Not know or understand something the first time around.

>> Be vulnerable in front of the people I love.

>> Speak up about my ideas to the rest of my company’s creative team.

>> Make mistakes (as long as I learn from each of them).

>> Pitch anything and everything. Out of 60 videos I’ve pitched in the past week, 40 were eliminated and 20 were chosen for the show. This better proves that you have to dig through a lot of rubble to find the hidden gems.

>> Sing loudly and out of tune in the car. You’re welcome world.

>> Admit that I am only human, and actually do need seven hours of sleep to function.

>> Forgive myself for not being able to go, go, go all the time.

>> Tell someone how inspiring they’ve been to me. It is the compliments that we never say that we will always regret the most.

>> Try something new and be terrible at it. Kickboxing, voice lessons, guitar, I see you all playing a part in my near novice future.

>> Be myself.

Now what fear will you conquer today?


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