Chapter 1: New Job

IMG_3034^^ This little park near my office has helped me keep my sanity after the hours of traffic begin to steal my soul ^^

Oh sweet, sweet blog how I’ve missed you! Between starting a new job and battling the traffic of Los Angeles to get to this new job, I pretty much spend my “free time” catching up on sleep. Yes, it’s all very exciting: ice tea in bulk, traffic, YouTube videos, more traffic, “The Mindy Project,” writing letters to Howard while he’s away and sleeping.

It all started a couple weeks ago when out of the blue I was contacted by the former editor of Buzzfeed about a new YouTube project he was working on in Los Angeles. He was looking for a video curator and asked if I’d be interested in coming in for an interview. Of course my initial reaction resembled one of a manic squirrel — complete with jumping, squealing and eye bulging. I mean, I’m just a girl who spends her time watching Lil Bub videos, how does anyone so impress even know where to find me?!

After hurrying home from June Lake to interview for the video curator position, I was a ball of nerves the rest of the day waiting to hear if I had been chosen. That night, Howard even insisted we leave my cell phone on the sushi bar during dinner just so we didn’t miss a call. And lucky for me, they did call and they did offer me the job and I did start crying of happiness at magazine stand in South Coast Plaza mall.

It’s been an adjustment to say the least. I’m continually overwhelmed with traffic and I’m still trying to figure out my niche among the incredibly talented team they’ve assembled. The “new girl” feeling is wearing off little by little and I’m trying to view my youth as an asset rather than drawback.

In the next couple of months, I’ll be uprooting my life in Orange County to move to Los Angeles. Sadly, that will mean no more 85 degree bakery or Durty Nellys bar down the street. My college friends won’t be a five minute drive away and I won’t be able to visit to the UCI campus to write under the trees. To be honest, right now the move terrifies me. Los Angeles is congested, the traffic is awful, everyone is angry all the time. But every once in a while, I’ll catch a glimpse of the skyline and be taken in by the beauty of the city. Okay maybe this isn’t the worst place in the world. So Los Angeles, I’m coming for you, and after we get over each others initial quirks (seriously, take care of this traffic problem!), I think it will be nothing but bliss for the two of us.


^^ I first celebrated my new job over sushi and the world’s biggest ice tea with my BFF Churro ^^IMG_3041

^^ JJ volunteered to be our Korean BBQ chef for the night and I was NOT about to say no! ^^

IMG_3043 IMG_3044^^ My new office! Oh my gosh there is so much room! ^^


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