A Unviersal Adventure With The Boy

IMG_3032^^ I found it necessary to really grab hold of Kevin Bacon in this picture ^^

A couple weeks ago, Howard and I decided to break out of our normal weekend routine (Breaking Bad marathons and Einstein’s bagels) to head over to Universal Studios to see how many times we could ride the Mummy without puking. I swear, I could ride that ride all day long and never grow tired of its crazy turns.

Just like any other day with Howard, the entire day was filled with love and laughter. I always think that after three years of being his best friend, I would know everything about that Taiwanese boy, but time and time again he surprises me with things he finds interesting or his dislike for picking just one favorite. Switching off who carried the Walle backpack, we spent the day visiting the dinosaurs on Jurassic Park, fighting the good fight with Bubble Bee on the Transformers ride and receiving a shake down from King Kong on the backlot. This time around I even remembered to wear my contacts which allowed my 3D glasses to fit on my face. A much better experience overall.

The trip was just what we needed before our lives ramped up with countless changes. Shortly after the trip, Howard shipped out to Taiwan for a job interview with a company that could potentially change his life, while I began adjusting to my new job. As much as we both wished that we could stay in that moment forever, the real world has a way of pulling us back. But we did get to take the best of Universal with us —  the stuffed unicorn from Despicable Me 2 and a minion water bottle! Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhh.


^^ I tried to get the minion to high-five me and he was NOT having it. ^^IMG_3020

^^ No one was safe from the geysers on Jurassic Park that day. ^^IMG_3022 IMG_3026

^^ Proof that dreams do come true! ^^IMG_3030^^ Bubs and me being tourists. ^^


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