Book Club: ‘The Romanov Bride’: A Look At Russia’s Tumultous History Through The Eyes It’s Duchess

IMG_2889It is hard to explain what exactly fascinates me about Russian history. Maybe it’s my childhood love of “Anastasia” or maybe it’s the unsolved mystery surrounding the demise of the last Romanov family. Whatever it is, I can’t seem to get enough.

Robert Alexander — the author of acclaimed historical fiction novels “The Kitchen Boy” and “Rasputin’s Daughter” — dives further into the tumultuous history of Russia in his latest work “The Romanov Bride” set during the revolution of 1905. The novel alternates between the perspectives of German princess turned Russian royalty, The Grand Duchess Elisavyeta, and a revolutionary serf named Pavel. Each driven is their own passions — Pavel by revenge and Elisavyeta by the love for her husband and her religion — that affect their outlooks on what is the best next steps for the country they love. Though starkly different in every sense, the Duchess and Pavels’ lives become more and more intertwined as the royal family begins to fall during the violent revolution. The novel begs the question of who was right (if anyone)? Did the royalty deserve to die in such horrible fashions or was it the only way to gain the attention of their mother Russia? You’re sucked into the world created between this novel’s pages the instant you begin reading and at the end, you can’t help but ask yourself: What would you do to preserve your own freedom?

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