June Lake: Part I

IMG_2909^^ A day at gloomy Gull Lake where the fish weren’t biting but the beers were cold ^^

In an effort to “enjoy” unemployment — fun fact, no one actually enjoys unemployment but I digress — my dad and I planned a spur of the moment trip to the happiest place on earth. Did you say Disneyland? Of course it isn’t Disneyland! Have you stood in those lines?!?!? I am talking about June Lake here; the place where life makes sense and  time is best spent singing trout tunes from your little fishing boat (another story for another time).

Every summer for as long as I can remember, my family has spent part of the summer at June Lake.  We’d pack our truck to the brim with fishing poles, bait, reels, books, hiking shoes, s’more ingredients, more books, quarters to use the payphone (only recently has there been cell phone reception), and set on our way to the cool shores of the Sierra Mountain lakes. After 23 years together, June Lake and I have become the dearest of friends. Each year as I’d hike around the lake, I’d confide in the cool waters and the trees my stories of great importance: my recent crushes, my confusion over my uncle’s death, my misadventures at college parties, my goals, my dreams, and my great passion to travel the world. And just like the year before, the lake would listen and suddenly, all would feel right again in my world. This time around, as I caught my first glimpse of June’s glistening waters from the road, I couldn’t help but smile as I greeted my old friend. Hello sweet lake, I’ve missed you as well.

IMG_2883^^ After a second round interview at a business publication, I kicked off my heels and hit the road with my dad for Mammoth Mountain. This was pretty much our view for the entire six hour drive. ^^

Knowing my love for the mountains, my dad approached me last week with the idea of taking a weekend getaway trip to Mammoth Mountain to fish, hike and just … be. How can anyone say no to that? My dad was a great spot and didn’t complain a peep about me having to work for a bit during our vacation. He’d go for long walks around the cabin while I’d dive into my writing. I suspect there must be some mountain magic at work because the articles I wrote in the mountains ended up landing me a new job!

IMG_2898^^ Gull Lake is only a quick walk away from June Lake, and is known for its carved bear statues and fire pit. No one was catching that day and I suspect Mother Nature’s rain storm had something to do with that. ^^

IMG_2917^^ The view from our cabin in Mammoth. Trust me, it was hard to come home and leave all this behind. ^^

IMG_2910^^ It probably isn’t hard to tell we’re related. ^^

IMG_2889^^ As always, my favorite part of my mountain getaway was the infinite time I had to read. And trust me I read everywhere. In the boat, in the water, waiting for everyone to get ready, waiting for everyone to fall asleep, waiting for everyone to shower, and at 2 am when everyone was asleep. ^^

As for more fishing news, I am sure there will be another post (or two) to come. All I can say is, you’re welcome.


3 thoughts on “June Lake: Part I

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