If My Favorite Bloggers and I Were Best Friends …

Since my time working as a social media intern at Ruche clothing company, I’ve developed quite a soft spot for lifestyle blogs. Don’t ask me what fascinates me about them because I won’t be able to give you a clear concise answer to saw my life. Because they take adorable pictures of their children and pets? Maybe. Because any outfit they throw together aces the “I just threw this together but it’s perfect” look? Possibly. Because they live in New York City and aren’t afraid to be candid about depression, infertility and relationships? I would go with that one.

It’s baffling how invested I can feel another person’s life without even meeting them, but that is the power of this beautiful blogging community. they make you fall in love with them after a few beautiful photos and tales of living in New York City. So when if I were to spend a day with my favorite bloggers, here is what we would do:

Tour New York City and frolic through Forever 21 with Hey Natalie Jean.

When it comes to popular blogger Natalie Holbrook, her life is all about her adorable son Huck and her family’s beautiful, crazy life in New York City. I often find myself excitedly anticipating her next post and have been impressed with her willingness to share about her infertility. She’d take me around New York City to find the best cupcake, I’d regal her with tales of the West Coast, and together, we’d commiserate about living in pint-sized apartments and shoe addictions. It would be so beautiful.

Learn the true meaning of cronut magic with Love Taza.

Her kids are adorable beyond words, she is a former dancer from Julliard, and she is invited to Rebecca Minkoff’s New York Fashion Week show BY the designer. All in all, Naomi of Love Taza is fabulous. Together, we’d hunt for the best cronut (half donut, half crescent, a whole modern marvel), playground and pizza the city had to offer. Reading each of her blog posts and enjoying her breath taking photos of her family in the city, I can’t help fall in love with all the adventures New York has to offer. Maybe time for a move?

Discuss the love-hate relationship between Los Angeles and its residents with Melina of The Caffeinated Closet.

A girl from my own zip code, Melina  has fascinated me with her perfect thrown-together outfits and her appreciation for a good pair of heels. As we’d embark for an adventure at Balboa Island (complete with hippo cookies of course), I don’t doubt Melina and I would have a lot to discuss about the hellish traffic of Los Angeles, the pros and cons of working in a city, and the adventures to be had in our native Orange County.

Devour pie and receive a much needed style makeover with Kendi from Kendi Everyday.

If there is anything my closet needs more of, it’s cartoon animal prints, leather bags, and statement jewelry (pst, that was sarcasm for you on the other side of the screen). Stumbling upon Kendi’s blog was like finding the golden ticket in a Willy Wonka chocolate bar. She just gets it. Dressed up or dressed down, her style stays true to herself and inspires readers to take risks, rock statement pieces, and not be afraid to return to the classics.  Plus she loves pie which intern makes me love her more.

Gush about city life and literature all English majors must read with Maggie from Lifesize Paperdoll.

In a day spent wandering the streets of her small Montana town, Maggie and I would converse about our matching glasses, our experiences as English majors, and our love for the big city. I’d tell her about my crazy double-major days of college, and she’d share with me her hopes and ambitions for the future as a writer/photographer. And as the day wore to a close, we’d find ourselves surrounded by ice tea and cheesy pizza to accompany us through our final hour together.

^^ Each of these woman have been a major influence in my decision to begin a blog in the first place, and I want to thank them for sharing their stories and photos with the world. My blog, and myself, are better because of each of you. ^^


3 thoughts on “If My Favorite Bloggers and I Were Best Friends …

  1. Wow!! I can not believe someone would be so nice as to include me in a list of people they would be best friends with. ESPECIALLY among these women- what gems they all are and again, how kind you are. I am extremely flattered right now and can’t even say anything remotely sarcastic. This just brightened my day and MAYBE now I’ll be more inspired to take on this paper I’m supposed to be writing about 😉

    Just now you have an open invitation to visit me in Missoula ANY time you please and we will do all of these things and more. Can you say eat Big Dipper ice cream and float the river and laugh at English major MEN? (that’s something to add to the list of things I find amusing as an English major!)

    THANK YOU. Thank you thank you.

  2. Natalie, Naomi, Maggie …”gang’s all here!” (How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days, that scene, yes?) I am madly reading your blog right now and loving it. So cool to read about your life after college, being a writer. My goal, after college.

    • Hey Shawnee–

      Thank you so much for reading my posts, you’re too generous with your kind words. I promise working as a full-time journalist IS possible so enjoy all your college moments now because before you know it, they will be gone in a flash!

      Sending you blog hugs,


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