Weekly Wishes #5: Staying Positive

For the residents of 635 Baker Street (which is me, a life-size teddy bear named Theodore and sometimes Howard), it has been a rough two weeks. Like a captain without a compass, I’ve been sailing aimlessly from cover letter to cover letter not-so-patiently waiting for an editor to give me the golden ticket into their publication. It’s the unemployment blues and I’ve got them bad.

If two months ago, future Carly had come up to me and said, “In a matter of weeks, you’re going to have all the free time in the world!” I would have promptly thrown confetti in the air and spent the rest of the work day performing the Irish jig on my desk. “No work, lets play all day!” But the allure of playing all day quickly wears off after a couple hangovers and the cold realization that just because you may not have a job, doesn’t mean your apartment building suddenly stopped demanding rent. So in an effort to remain positive about the job hunt (which I probably already botched with this depressing post), I am pushing myself to accomplish a few minor things this week:

Read everyday for 45 minutes.

There are few things in the world I love more than spending an afternoon lost within the pages of a truly great novel. For years, I’ve been engaged in a passionate love affair with some of history’s great authors (not you Shakespeare, I have no love for you), and even after four years as an English and Literary Journalism major, I still haven’t tired of reading. In an attempt to return to my literary roots — and to read something other than “I would be a perfect candidate for this position because …” — I am designating a reading time to make me a little more enjoyable and the stress of life a lot more bearable.

Write a blog post everyday.

Mark your calendars readers because this week I am capturing it all — blog style, of course. And what does the Curious Case have in store for you? Recaps of my father attempting to teach me how to fly fish in Mammoth, articles from one of my talented (and published!) best friends, and if you’re lucky, a bit of advice from one girl in the midst of job application mania to you.

Send a love note to a different friend each day.

Because what better way to improve my day than to make someone else feel loved and special?


5 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes #5: Staying Positive

  1. I love your wishes! Last week I hoped to incorporate reading into my daily routine as well. It is definitely worth setting aside the time to read a good book! Also, there are few things better than getting a handwritten note! Good luck on your wishes and I will try and stay updated on all your new posts this week! (:

    • Hey Taylor!

      Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving me such a nice note! I popped over to your blog and was slightly overcome by the adorableness of your bunny. But recovering from my shock, I managed to read on and will be cheering you on this week through the “experience” that is hot yoga and your networking adventures.



  2. Hi Carly. Stay positive, you’ll get through the unemployment blues!
    Your wishes for this week are awesome. Carving out a little time to read is something everyone should do. I love your third wish – you’re going to make a lot of people’s days with your notes 🙂
    I look forward to reading all about your adventures!
    P.S: I’m a new reader of your blog and I popped by your about page. Never in my life would I have thought that someone else would like Robin Hood Men in Tights as much as I do. High five sista! 😀

    • Well from one “Robin Hood Men In Tights” fan to another, may I just say, you have excellent taste in movies and I would say life in general! You’re too sweet for stopping by my blog and I can’t get enough of your blog name Spuddy Buddies. Can’t wait to continue reading through your blog adventures 🙂


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