Dear Future Carly,

Oh hello friend! Remember me, your 23-year-old self who was obsessed with Veronica Mars and the Tummy Gummy Penguins at Trader Joes? Just wanted to drop you a line about a couple of requests I have. The stress of unemployment has left me contemplating the future a lot lately and pushing myself to take a realistic look about what I want and what it will take to get there. In an effort to clear my mind — and to give you a good laugh when you read back through this — I’ve made a list of things I wish for you and a few adventures I hope you’ve checked off your bucket list in the last 12 months.

IMG_2837^^ Hello little lion 🙂 ^^

1. I hope you still take an obnoxious amount of cat pictures on your iPhone. The other day I complained to Howard that my iphoto library was once again full. “Carly, you’ve taken 56 pictures of your cat in just the last 24 hours, I think that is the problem,” he commented. And no matter what society and your iPhone tell you, I insist you continue documenting the lives of your little lions. Fingers crossed, I hope you’ve adopted a puppy or kitten or koala bear by the time you read this again!

2. I hope you still have bangs. After hearing my request for bangs, my hair dress couldn’t help but ask , “Sweetheart, did you just have a major breakup?” “Yes, it’s a work breakup. Now lets cut these suckers off!” In the last two days, the bangs have finally outgrown that “I just got cut” look and are actually quite cute. Even Grandma says so, and as you and I both know, getting a compliment from Grammy like finding a $100 bill just laying around on the ground.

3. I hope beyond hope that you’ve finally met Daniel Craig. And complimented him on his magnificent performance of James Bond. And then had him sign your “Skyfall” bull dog figurine.

4. I hope you’ve finally learned how to play chess. And how to make a stain glass window. And taken singing lessons. And finished reading all of Amy Tan and John Irving’s books. And can run three miles without wanting to keel over and die. Just a few demands I would like met before I go into the fall of 2014.

5. I hope you’ve finally convinced Joe to move back to America. Alright Joe Van Dorn, time to move back to the States so we can be neighbors and watch “Supernatural” every night with a six pack of Blue Moon. I also hope I’ve had the chance to visit you in South Korea where you have been named by your students “The Most Handsome Man In The World.”

6. I hope you’ve become the next Carrie Bradshaw, complete with a walk-in closet and large inventory of shoes. I feel no need to expand on this, I know you dream about this too.

7. I hope you’ve put in the hard work to make Voices something amazing. You have all these amazing plans for this story project –compile these stories into a book, make the project a resource used by colleges around the country — but in order to get there, you have to put in the time and work to build the foundation. Fingers crossed you never forget that.

IMG_2838^^ And in closing, I received this picture at 1 a.m. the other night when Howard was bar hopping with friends. He makes me proud.^^


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