Are you married? No, we just want free cake.

IMG_2736^^ Can never go wrong with a little red dress and a handsome man on your arm ^^

In celebration of our 3 month anniversary and my adorable boyfriend getting his braces off, Howard planned a surprise dinner for us at Ruth’s Chris Steak House. When he finally told me where we were headed — he is much better at keeping a secret than me — he let it slip that he had told the hostess it was our one year anniversary so we could get free dessert. Hey fine by me, I’ll pretty much tell people anything if it means I get a free cheesecake in return.

From the second we walked through the door, waiters and hosts were congratulating us on “one” year, and sitting among our plates of steak and a never ending bread basket, Howard and I felt no need to correct them. Hell, they even sprinkled “Happy Anniversary” confetti our table to really seal the deal.

While it is always fun to have a reason to dress up in a little red dress, my favorite part of the evening was just sitting and making up stories about the other restaurant patrons with Howard. Nestled together in the back of the booth, we let our imaginations run wild. In front of us, an elderly gentlemen wanted nothing more than to have a threesome with the two women at his table. To our right, a mother-in-law was fuming over being moved to the end of the table to make room for her son’s high maintenance wife.

But after three courses and two glasses of fancy wine, it was time for us to head back to our normal, watch Netflix in our PJs, eat-frosting-out-of-the-can lives. It was a sad moment when the last of the leftovers was finally consumed and now I’m only left with the sweet memory of the filet and scallop potatoes drenched in cheeses.

My only complaint: Howard’s decision to order creamed spinach as a side. What?! That’s the one item on the menu no one EVER orders! Seriously, where did I find him?

IMG_2725^^ Here’s to looking at you shadow ^^

IMG_2730^^ Happy Three Months Babe!! ^^


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