This Is My Best Friend Joe

IMG_2423This is my best friend Joe.

We first met in E28A — an introductory English at UCI. He told me later he really loved my poetry presentation that deconstructed the Flobot song “Handlebars.” Yeah, it was pretty epic if I do say so myself, even got me a date invitation from the guy who started the sword club on campus, but that’s another story for another time.

We didn’t become close until senior year after he joined CHAMPS — the all-male peer education group under the CARE Office. Because we were both double majors, we quickly became study buddies and burned the midnight oil in the Engineering Hall, Langston Library and Gateway Study Center until 2 a.m. After you survive countless all nighters and a German fairytales class with another person, you’re pretty much bonded for life.

In the past year since graduation, Joe has spent countless weekends staying at my studio apartment. He is quite a good roommate and sometimes, when I was at work, he cleans my house as a surprise. I mean can you ask for a better friend?

I’ve seen few people pack away alcohol like Joe. The man is a tank and always down for bar hopping/ drunk hiking/ drinking games/ joining the Century Club. A hero among men we say.

He also runs marathons for fun. That’s right, for fun, he runs 26 miles. Crazy kid.

Last week, Joe flew to South Korea to begin teaching English in Korean public schools. He ultimately hopes to work in Germany and start the next Renaissance movement. I don’t doubt he’ll do just that.

Although he double majored in both English and Bio, Joe is a true English major at heart.

I miss him very much, but seeing him so happy, I can’t help but smile at his sense of wanderlust. He is a true adventurer and destined to do great things.

Joe, come visit soon?

IMG_2677^^ Howard, Joe and JJ, the best roommates a girl could ask for ^^

IMG_2649^^ Joe’s going away party at Mason Park. The group was fascinated by Phuc climbing a tree which he did at least three times that day ^^

IMG_2705^^ Our last hang out with Joe at Victoria Gardens. We chatted with him right before he boarded his 14 hour flight to South Korea and then he was off! ^^


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