It’s The Little Moments That Matter

IMG_2708^^ With Joe moving to South Korea, Howard and I persuaded him to go for the traditional Korean three rounds of drinking while at Victoria Gardens. We made it two rounds and the day later ended, with me falling asleep in the movie theatre. ^^

IMG_2724^^ This is my view at work everyday. Jealous? And yes, I did draw all my coworkers as cats on the board. It made me feel more at home in the new room. ^^

IMG_2718^^ First picture of Howard without his braces! We celebrated by drinking beer and watching “Top Gun” with Phuc. ^^

IMG_2712^^ You’ve got to keep life in perspective. ^^

IMG_2750^^ Since I left for college, my dad has become Moe’s favorite person in the entire world. But, during my last visit home, Moe spent the whole night snuggled up with me and didn’t even try and eat the drawstrings on my pants. Score! ^^

IMG_2756^^ My buddy at 7 a.m. when I could no longer sleep due to the intense summer sun heating up my bedroom. ^^

IMG_2760 IMG_2744^^ Jackie’s new favorite spot is under a side table. Does it make sense? Not in the least. ^^

IMG_2739^^ If you ever visit my apartment, and can only find parking across the street, this is often a situation you’ll find yourself in, running between cars like the real-life Frogger. ^^


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