The Chaos That Was VidCon 2013


^^ Krystal, Joel, Jeff and I in front of the “Shark Week” shark at VidCon. After we got off the stage, the shark crushed a canoe in its mouth, leading us to wonder if the shark was really safe to have around children. ^^

When I am not out drinking beer at my local pub Durty Nellys or nagging Howard to pick up his shirts off my floor, I am working full-time as a staff writer for the online magazine Newmediarockstars. The magazine covers everything social media, and is largely focused on writing about the creators and culture of YouTube. I started as an intern at NMR right after I graduated college and over time, worked by way up to be a full-time staff writer — a title I am very proud to hold.

My favorite part of being a writer has always been doing interviews. I love hearing peoples’ stories, and through my writing, I love being able to highlight the extraordinary tales of extraordinary people. What can I say? I just really like people!

IMG_2638^^ I met Flula the German Moses! Could I be any happier? ^^

This past week, NMR has been knee deep in VidCon madness. VidCon is a convention much like Comic Con and was started by The Vlog Brothers — Hank and John Green. The con aims to bring YouTube creators, networks and fans under one roof and this year was attended by over 12,000 people. With Eddie my cameraman in tow, I spent Thursday and Friday interviewing creator after creator until my voice was shot. We talked about upcoming projects, the growth of YouTube and in the end, why VidCon was such an important even for the development of the digital video space.

On a quick break Thursday, I caught up with creators Jake Coco and Corey Gray over drinks in their hotel room and in a matter of hours, was whisked away to work at The Collective and NMR party being held at the House of Blues: Anaheim. With an open bar at our disposal, my little writing family finally had the chance to sit down and enjoy each others company with the stress of work to damper our moods.

In the end, as dysfunctional as we are, we are still a family. Sure we fight, make up and annoy each other on a constant basis but I couldn’t be more grateful for the care and attention these writers have given my writing in the last year. I mean look at them below, how could you not love them?

IMG_2620^^ Alan and I on industry day doing interviews and checking out the layout ^^

IMG_2623^^ And this strange lot that makes up the team at NMR ^^


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