Weekly Wishes #3

Oh blog how I’ve missed you. In the chaos that made up last week, I often thought of you and reminisced about the sweet and uncomplicated memories we once had together. And now with VidCon and Joe’s going away party officially behind me, I am feeling pretty confident in taking on this new week — although it is already filing up with Voices deadlines, job applications and dates with friends (and the boyfriend of course).

In my last weekly wish, I challenged myself to fully unplug and relax on my vacation with Howard. No cell phones, no checking email, and no worrying or talking about work. In the end, I am proud to say that I passed this challenge with flying colors and feel that by unplugging from work, I was really about to plug in and appreciate every moment I had in the city with my boyfriend. At least once a day, I felt like pinching myself just to make sure the magic spreading out before me in the streets of San Fran were not just a dream I was about to wake up from.

For weekly wish #3, I am determined to be on time everyday for work. My editor has consistently arrived a good 30 minutes late everyday since I started, which incidentally has made the rest of us relaxed about getting to the office. But of course, the one day he decides to show up on time, I accidentally turned off my alarm and woke up 20 minutes before I have to be at work. In a mad frenzy to find all my stuff, not trip over Joe who was sleeping on the ground, and make some sort of a lunch, I ended up being quite late into the office and frazzled the entire day. So this week, and hopefully many weeks to come, I plan to be early to the office, and all dinners with friends, instead of my usual 20 minutes late.


One thought on “Weekly Wishes #3

  1. I hear ya about the “on time” thing! I was also consistently late to work until recently. I finally buckled down on being on time, and it definitely made my morning go better! Good luck with your goal!! 🙂

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