The Day A Little Mouse Took Her Tall Best Friend To Disneyland


Recently my best friend Joe — the handsome, tall blonde man you see above — and I decided to brave the summer crowds and have our very own Disneyland adventure. So we packed up our bags — obviously a Walle backpack for me — and traveled over to Anaheim to spend our hard earned cash on a must deserved day of fun. While I am a girl who jumps at the chance to go to Disneyland on any occasion, this outing was particularly special because  Joe will soon be moving to South Korea for a year to teach English.

Whether it was the secret Disney voodoo ritual we did before we left or our desperate pleas to the Disney Gods, our day at Disneyland was the picture of perfection, complete with short lines and cool weather.

So perfect in fact that you just keep pinching yourself the entire day to make sure the paradise spread out before you is actually happening and not a dream. The weather was overcast and cool, the lines were relatively short, Joe was game to run all over the park while we crafty strategized about how to best utilize our fast passes (it’s a practiced art). We got to rode Star Tours and Space Mountain twice, and even though we stayed till the park closed, we decided the only way to end a day as wonderful as ours was to watch three episodes of “Supernatural” until 2 a.m.

But the hands down best part of the day was the fact that I was with my best friend, at my favorite place, checking off a huge event on his “Things To Do Before Moving To Korea ” checklist. And somehow, we never ran out of things to say and spent the day talking about everything from Joe’s nervousness about Korea, the details of Star Wars, the progress of my story project, and our course, our mutual love for literature. I can’t wait to see the amazing things Joe will do and I know when he leaves and I’m a mess, at least I’ll have the sweet memories of our Disney trip to help keep me company until he comes home.






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