Weekly Wishes #2

And away we go!

We’ve caught the fever of summer, and this Wednesday, Howard and I are packing up our bags and driving eight hours (his idea, not mine) to San Francisco for a much needed weekend vacation.

Today was another crazy day at the magazine but made bearable by the thought that in 72 hours, I would be sitting in a Chinese restaurant enjoying greasy noodles and ice tea with the boy who makes my heart do somersaults.  And after our stomachs are filled to the brim, Howard and I will then enjoy walking hand and hand around the streets of San Fran looking at all the culture and life spilling out before us.

For my wish this week, I am challenging myself to slow down and enjoy vacation. Like really enjoy it. Sounds simple right? But for me — a magazine writer and founder of a story project — slowing down is one of the hardest things to do. So this week, for four whole days, I plan to ignore work emails  and upcoming articles, and not stress about all the little nuisances that usually occupy my mind. Vacation here I come!


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