YouTube Space LA: A Place Where Dreams Come True

IMG_2413^^The outside of YouTube Space LA, Cinefix was filming by the door^^

Yesterday at the last minute, Eddie and I were sent to the YouTube LA space to cover the creators taking part in YouTube’s very first Geek Week. So we packed up our cameras and recorders and set off to Playa Vista to see what the land of dreams had in store for us this time. It was a celebration of nerd culture everywhere and we bounced from creator to creator to talk about the geeky things that always get their hearts racing.

And little did we know, Friday was also party day over at YouTube. Like internet princes, we were treated to an extensive tour, rope swings, free food trucks, Google glass demonstrations, cronuts (half donut, half crescent) and an Android beer machine that allows you to pick your drink from a phone app. It was the land where dreams come true. It seemed like if you wanted it, YouTube made it happen. Want a goat in your video? They’ll get you won. Want the goat to be riding on the back of a baboon? Not a problem. As the day went on, one interview seemed to flow into another as random YouTubers kept popping to talk with us (except Dave Days, sad times).

Somedays at NMR, I just about want to pull my hair out. The deadlines, the lack of resources, the disorganization; it feels like we are on pirate ship without a captain and not moving towards anything substantial. But days like yesterday make all the bad stuff much more bearable. Fingers crossed YouTube invites us over for another beer real soon!

PS. I got to wear the Harry Potter puppet pals on my hands. I can die happy now.


^^Eddie and I on the island set YouTube created for its Geek lab YouTubers^^IMG_2418



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