And That’s Life


It’s funny how life works. In the moments when you least expect it, when you are running late to an interview that you know absolutely nothing about, you can sometimes meet the best people and learn the best lessons of life. With little sleep under my belt after attending a ballet with Joe in Temecula, this morning I was told I needed to do a quick interview with two girls who had recently signed to the Collective network. My editor had given me little information and so I decided instead of rolling with the punches, I was going to hate every second of the day. Hate the fact that I wasn’t hanging out with my friends, hate that I couldn’t find the address, hate that all the emails were coming in slowly, hate it was Saturday, hate that I drank too much ice tea and had to pee half way through the ride, and totally HATE that I was in traffic.

But as life would have it, I am unable to totally hate anything. Ever. And how happy I am about that because today in an incredible apartment in Downtown L.A., I met some of the funniest, most talented girls — Ashley and Lyle the rising stars of the newest web series “Hot Mess.” Lets just say, I want to be these girls best friends for all eternity. And their message of women’s need to celebrate — rather than hate — on their fellow ladies,  is one that particularly struck a cord with me today.

Early in the interview, I had found out that one of the talent managers at the Collective was actually a girl I had gone to high school with. We were never close then because I was involved in music and she was involved in ASB, but I had always known about her through the grapevine. Maybe because she was all the things that I felt I wasn’t — confident, popular, fashionable — but during high school, I built up a dislike for her just based on my own insecurities. Listening to Ashley and Lyle talk about the need for women to help rather than tear down one another, I realized how silly my previous mindset had been. Was I really going to let the ideas of a self-conscious high schooler stop me from being friends with this girl now? And the minute I stopped seeing her as the popular girl from high school, I began seeing how talented and nice she really was. Turns out, she is someone I would really like to get to know better in the future and definitely share YouTube gossip with over a beer.

So Lyle and Ashley, thanks for teaching this hot mess the life lesson she really needed. Best friends forever?


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