Why Every Girl Needs A Group Of Girlfriends

Last Friday, I had my first all-female sleep since … well suffice to say, I don’t really have many girly sleepovers. As a kid, there was nothing I dreaded more than sleeping over at peoples’ houses and each time, would make myself ill with worry about “being the last one awake.” Let me explain.

When the 1995 earthquake happened, I was a wee child of 4-years-old, a young girl who just wanted to spend everyday reading Dr. Seuss books to her stuffed animals. Waking up minutes before a big quake has become a super power of mine, a gift that never lets me miss one minute of the miracle that is mother nature (What is that you feel? Oh yes, that was the drip of sarcasm). So when the big one hit Valencia, I thought for the longest time that I had caused the earthquake and became terrified that my parents would fall asleep before me and the earthquake would happen again. Couple that with my phobia of the witches in “Hocus Pocus” and it sleepovers for this kid.

As the years went on I got over my fear and come college, many of my best friends and I would spend our nights curled up on the floor discussing our latest crushes, the beer pong tournaments we had dominated the night before and what we would do for a million dollars. Oh did I mentioned these sleepovers included all guys? Growing up, my best friends have always guys. I never intended to just befriend guys but at the end of the day, I always felt more comfort with guys than I ever did among a group of girls. Well until now that is.

In a recent addition of Glamour, Victoria Beckham mentioned how every girl needs a good group of girlfriends — no ifs, ands or buts. And though her facial expressions could definitely use some work, the words of Miss Beckham ring true and have been an inspiration for me to let myself become close with the women in my life. 

In the past year I have had the opportunity to develop a close bond with my former Francesca coworkers — Sarah, Alyss and Yessica — as well as a few girls from CARE — Elizabeth, Yvonne and Jeannie. Embarking on a friendship with them, I’ve been inspired and honored to call these strong, quirky, adventurous and charming girls my friends. Last Friday night, right before we all feel asleep after a night of cider and “The Ugly Truth,” I couldn’t help but be consumed by the general enjoyment I find in these girl’s company. And while I have my best guy friends staying over this weekend for a game of “Cards Against Humanity”, I look forward to my many girl power sleepovers to come.




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