Weekly Wishes #1


To not let insignificant details ruin my bigger picture.

This is Howard. Howard is just about the cutest, sweetest boy and for some crazy reason, he decided he wanted me to be his girlfriend. Howard and I have an unconventional love story that has been complicated by our three years of friendship, past relationships, regrettable mistakes and the negative comments sometimes made to us by others. But just like life, sometimes the best things come from the messiest situations.

This week my wish is to keep things in perspective. For me — especially when it comes to my personal relationships — it is easy to focus on what is not working rather than focus on all the good things that are functioning just fine. Because in the long run, a friend’s snide comment or a last minute change of plans are insignificant details that have no place ruining my day. So this week I promise to look at the bigger picture because with a loving boyfriend, healthy family and a creative job to call my own, how could I not feel like the luckiest girl?


4 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes #1

  1. The tough past and regrettable mistakes make a couple stronger. You grow from those down moments and build your relationship. That’s awesome that you’ve decided to push the negativity aside and focus on what’s more important. It truly makes life much easier. 🙂 I’m loving the positivity in this post weekly wish! 🙂

  2. Hi! I’m also part of the link up and I used to have a problem with letting insignificant details ruin things in my relationship. Sometimes it still happens because it’s hard to ignore those things, but over time I’ve come to learn to get passed those things. I had to put my all into ignoring those little things, because I knew that there were so many great things about being in a relationship that I needed and wanted to cherish. This also goes with other relationships other relationships that I have with friends and family. I hope you the best with your goals!

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