To My Wonderful Dad


To the guy who shares my eyes, sense of humor and dreams,

Dad it is no mystery that I love you. We say it before we hang up the phone every day and text it when we have a spare minute. And I admit, sometimes it can become a routine an “I love you” before quickly hanging up the phone to run into the office to write a few dozen more articles. But today — our 23rd Father’s Day together — seems like just the right to share with you all the reasons WHY I love you.

  • First off, lets just start with our adorableness. Our eyes, nose and freckles make people automatically know that we’re together. I love sharing so many of my features with you but only wish I would have inherited your ability to tan and your impeccable eye sight.
  • When I am sick or stressed, you stop what you’re doing to be there for me. Sure at times we can both be bull headed and definitely get on each others nerves but at the end of the day, I know you are always just looking out for me. And through it all, I hope you’re proud of me.
  • You believe in me and you believe in my dreams. When I wanted to become an English major — and then a journalism major — there wasn’t a hint of hesitation when you told me to go for it. I believe few parents would be head-over heels to hear that their children wanted to go into Humanities but you supported me all the way to today and my first real writing job. I know there are many flaws with my NMR position — no healthcare, no gas money, sometimes negative Nancys — but I appreciate you sticking by me as I build my resume.
  • You make me laugh until my sides hurt. Sometimes I want to say a comeback but can’t because I’m laughing so hard. Thank you for introducing me to the greats: “Monty Python,” “Robin Hood Men In Tights,” “Tombstone,” “Young Frankenstein,” “Blazing Saddles.” The classics.
  • You hang all my picture frames, encourage me to work out, pick up groceries when I’m sick, discuss books and current events with me, greet me with a beer when I get home after sitting in traffic, teach me how to us power tools and help me support myself in the real world among other things.

I love you to the moon and back Dad,

Your brown-eyed girl


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