Dear Carly …

Dear 24-Year Old Carly,

Today is my 23rd birthday and as I looking into the next year I wanted to send you a letter of the personal and professional goals I am setting for myself for the upcoming year. When you re-red this letter my hope is you will be able to check them all off the list and start another (I can’t help how much I like lists!)

It is hard to believe that this is my first birthday out of school but since this morning, I have felt nothing but love from all my friends and family. My parents sent me a birthday package earlier this week instructing me to open one gift a day. I admit that is not always my strong suit. I am not the patient sort-of-person who takes her time with things. I prefer to finish everything at once and open everything at once. But this time I somehow managed to follow the rules (unlike last Valentines Day, sorry Mum). After opening my families gifts of clothes and a Ruche necklace, I opened Howard’s gift while all cuddled neck to him. The perfect person to spend your first hours as a 23-year old next to.   Work seemed to move especially slow today and as I sat transcribing, willing the minutes to roll by quicker, suddenly Howard was in my office with roses! And did he look handsome in his gray dress shirt and skinny tie. And right after I’d put the roses on my desk to get back to work, here comes Churro with another bouquet and birthday present! Could I girl feel any more special? So cheers to 22 and the adventures I’ve had but I am pretty excited for the upcoming year as well. Cheers to 23 being THE year for me, writing and Voices.

By next year I hope to:

  • Still be dating or close with Howard. It took us a while to get to the amazing place we are right now in our relationship but had we not spent all the time building a friendship, I don’t think our relationship would be what it is today. He makes me feel so loved everyday and will him supporting me I only feel like I can jump higher and push myself to achieve more.
  • Voices is a full functioning program. I hope to expand it to include both a story segment as well as a photo project that works with both survivors and allies.
  • Have seen “Spring Awakening” the musical.
  • Have read at least 20 books before my next birthday.
  • Taken a trip back east.
  • Completed the trip book in Orange County.
  • Camping with The Franny girls.
  • Had a wonderful going away party for Joe.
  • Better at calling people back.
  • Treat myself to something truly wonderful.
  • Do something kind of someone else.

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