A Much Needed Weekend With The Boys


This weekend Joe made an unexpected trip down to Irvine for no other reason than he wanted to go bar hopping with us. Yes, that is how our friend group works. And he will be back this weekend for my 23rd birthday! We hit up the Memphis bar next to my house — the place I am contemplating having my and JJ’s birthday — after a night of playing Just Dance with JJ, Carlos, Kevin, Howard and Joe. All I can say, thank your lucky stars you have never seen Howard or Joe dance. Vegas will be an interesting experience for the three of us.

Today was a big NMR day because I got to interview writer and content creator Issa Rae, a personal hero of mine. I first found her show on the i am OTHER network after interviewing Chrissie from “Club Chrissie” and Ryan Hall from “Stereotypes.”She has made a name for herself by creating YouTube series that push break stereotypes concerning women of the colored community. It was an honor to meet with her and laugh and talk and share stories about our work. A very inspirational woman.


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