Life According To My iPhone Photos

IMG_1944It was a family filled weekend in the Lanning household as I bounced from my interview with Max Schneider home to Valencia for Aunt Christine’s birthday and Mother’s Day. I must have been away for a while because the second I was in town — which wasn’t for a while because of all that fucking traffic — I kept thinking, “Oh my gosh that’s new! How long has that been there? Why the hell is this bike lane taking up so much room on Orchard Village? Does anyone even bike in this town?” I was a little bummed to get home and find that Moe was not in the mood to cuddle or even hang out. After his surgery all he wants to do is sit with my dad or sleep under the bed. It was a sad weekend for sure.

While my dad was having a hard weekend with it being the first Mother’s day without my grandma it was a great weekend for us. No bickering or mixed opinions. We started Friday evening drinking beer and chatting in the backyard and it was one of those golden moments I will always remember. Because at the end of it all, my family is the ones I can always count on. The loves of my life. For the rest of the time we visited with my dad’s friends at Fire Service Day, enjoyed Miceli’s for Aunt Christine’s birthday and spent Mother’s Day eating pumpkin pancakes and watching “The Great Gatsby.” Throughout the whole movie I kept thinking back to the long discussions I spent in my Fitzgerald and Faulkner class sandwiched next to Joe dissecting “The Great Gatsby” for weeks. Yes, a good weekend for all.


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