Reasons Why Howard Is The Best

For Howard’s birthday I thought I would take the time to really appreciate the huge presence and affect he has had on my life. While I always feel there was something special between us, after dating the last couple months I realize how special he truly is. I know getting to this point was not easy, but man am I glad he stuck around because slow dancing in my kitchen last night I realized, this guy makes my heart flip without even realizing it. How did I get so lucky?

IMG_1602Reasons Why I Really LIKE Howard Hsu

  • He comes home after a long day of work, makes me dinner and slow dances with me in my kitchen.
  • He brings pie home “just because.”
  • Instead of being nervous meeting my family, he takes in the request and answers, “Why don’t they come here and I’ll make them dinner?”
  • He can’t ever get enough kisses.
  • He has seen me at my best and at my worst and still tells me I’m beautiful day in and out.
  • He loves Psych, Sex and the City, American Horror Story and Clue! (well, he tolerates them)
  • He knows my thoughts and modes before I do.
  • He always tells me it is going to be okay when I’m stressed.
  • He always tells me how beautiful he thinks my eyes are.
  • He never pressures me to hold his hand or kiss in front of our friends.
  • He is handsome.
  • He thinks ice tea and pie is a meal.
  • He likes beer as much as me.
  • He just fits so perfectly with me when we snuggle.
  • He likes to read before we go to sleep. And when I get tired, he holds my hand while he continues to read.
  • He shakes his head when I buy more shoes and books but still compliments me when I read them.
  • He always tells me I am going to do big important things.
  • He lets me transcribe and work on Voices as many hours as I need.
  • He loves to hike and then go to Mr. Pickles.
  • He laughs at my jokes.
  • He takes care of our friends.
  • He is there for his family.
  • He loves his mum just the right amount.
  • He reads my NMR articles almost everyday.
  • He looks so handsome in plaid.
  • He took care of Gumbo while I was in Burbank giving my speak.
  • He makes plans for us to travel together.
  • He is my best friend.

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