A Weekend Of Old Friends, Margaritas and Marathons

This weekend was one for the books that started with Joe coming to visit and ending with a very successful surprise party for Howard (although I guess he knew about it the entire time). I had Friday off and was able to hang out with Joe one on one and grab dinner and see Iron Man 3 together. He just found out he got a job in Korea and couldn’t be more excited. It is so nice to finally see all his hard work and talent paying off. And now he can meet Simon and Martina from Eat Your Kimchi in person — my ultimate dream! Then Saturday we spent with Tiffanie enjoying margaritas at Cabo Catina before we went to Newport that night with Howard.

IMG_1930Sunday Joe ran the marathon with Nick while Howard and I attempted to recover from our hangover in time for his surprise party. I was stressing a ton because we were late dropping off Gumbo but it all worked out and Beta, CARE and Bio people all showed up. I think I’m really falling for this kid and just enjoyed seeing him happy so much.

On the NMR front, came out with my most recent feature on the duo behind Wassabi Productions Alex and Roi. Big news though my article did get featured — by name holla! — on an episode of Pop Trigger with Daily Grace. Still one of the best interviews aside from Chester See of course. It is still in the works for Friday but I may be going to LA to go visit Max Schneider a young YouTube musician. Then it is home for fire service day, mother’s day and Aunt Christine’s birthday. A full weekend of Lanning fun (hopefully). As for now I am just enjoying wearing my new Ruche sandals and about to work on Voices more for my meeting next week. Can’t believe this could actually get going! Pretty cool right?


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