Life According To My iPhone

It has been an insane week but thankfully, after working all day last Sunday, I have Friday off! I spent the morning with Howard and Gumbo — who I finally wore out with a 3 mile walk in the sun, he is still napping — and finally got everything together for Howard’s birthday party. I always get so nervous before parties and am afraid that no one will show up or have a good time. Fingers crossed the beer starts flowing early because once that happens, we usually are in the clear.

It has been a big writing week for me with my transgender article finally being published and getting great thanks from Autumn and Skylar who were both involved. In the article I argued that although YouTube has provided a crucial space for the transgender community to connect is it also putting them in danger for being out. The two individuals I worked with were simply amazing and I truly wish them the best. They are both so brave and beautiful and inspiring and after talking with them I realized how beautiful and wonderful living a passionate, open life is. My Chester See interview also came out and was complimented by Alan Van himself. A big deal! Chester could be the most down to earth and sweetest guy which I believe comes through so well in the interview. Other than that some Tumblr blog highlights and video highlights for the week. Joe will be here any minute and then tomorrow I pick up Tiff, eat tacos in Newport, celebrate Kevin’s birthday, hit up some bars in Newport and then off to Howard’s birthday party! Oh and Gumbo has been a house guest all week. Watching him and Howard cuddle and get along could be one of the cutest things ever.


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