A Hungover Reflection

Whenever I am nursing the last few hours of a hangover and I usually declare in a whiny, wounded animal voice “This is it! Give my books to Joe, Howard take the last couple of beers in the fridge. I am never making it out of this one!” This morning started out much like that, the smell of Sailor Jerrys still lingering around me while I refused to leave the warm niche I had created in Howard’s shoulder. But as I worked from home and had a LOT of time to think about things I have come up with some points in which I hope to improve myself on.

  • Be early to events. Howard doesn’t usually help with this because he either wants to eat or sleep so we end up being late
  • Try new things. I spent the night last night catching up with Ale and Linds (as you can see below we believe the only way to catch up is over lots of beer, shots and chips) which was so nice to see both of them. Lindsey is moving back home after she finishes up classes in May and Ale has really blossomed into such an involved UCI student. She is my inspiration to trying new things and getting involved. Somedays (like today) I don’t have the drive to get out there and do things but that is why I also am making the next resolution.
  • Don’t miss work for anything less than an emergency. Being late or having to work from home is not putting forth the best example. If for nothing else I want to be known as a hard, dedicated worker and I don’t feel that I am achieving that right now.
  • Love my body. It is easy for me to look at myself and automatically say “My arms are too flubby,” “I am 130 pounds  ,” “sometimes my legs look like they have cellulite already” but at the end of the day the best thing is just to love me, flaws and all. Because at the end of the day, being healthy and happy usually look the best on me.
  • Just do it. No more talking about things, it is time for action.

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