Life According to my iPhone


It has been a big week in Orange County with TBTN on Wednesday and reuniting with old friends. But the biggest news of all is Zabie and Garrett getting engaged during TBTN. They are the first couple where I knew them right when they started dating, saw them fall madly in love, create a life together and now get to see them make it official. Zabie couldn’t stop smiling as she held onto Garrett and showed off her — HUGE — ring. I couldn’t wish more happiness and love for them and can’t wait for the wedding!

In other news Howard is making me dinner tonight, his signature steak which is possibly the only thing he knows how to make which I don’t mind at all cause I have no idea how to cook red meat. The week at NMR was chaotic as I spend Thursday being the only writer in the office besides Alan. I was so proud of myself at the end of the day for pumping out 6 articles on my own and feel that I am falling into a routine at NMR that is becoming less stressful. Plus Alan opened up with my about his own frustrations with the magazine and how he believes each of us is incredibly talented so he is back on my good side. Last night I enjoyed donuts on the Newport Pier with JJ and then we came home to enjoy a bottle of red wine — something “Stella” which I swear is the only red wine I will drink — fell asleep watching friends. Today I was SUPPOSE to wake up early, complete all my errands and go to yoga but when I finally opened my eyes and looked at the clock it was already 11AM! So my goals for this week is to keep a regular workout schedule and also enjoy happy hours with Ale and Lindsey, my coworkers and get to DD for Howard this weekend. All in all, a wonderful week 🙂


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