Life According To My iPhone (And A Wee Bit Of Ranting)

How I would describe the last month: a sack of growing pains, lots and lots of growing pains. After the magic of getting my first job wore off, like a throbbing tooth, the real pain of the job set in. From working on using “the” instead of “this,” learning all the details of each social media platform to making my articles sound original and interesting, by the end of an 8-hour day my mind feels numb and overloaded. While I never thought that becoming a good writer would be a walk in the park, right now, I feel like I could be the worst writer of all. Hell I may have already piqued back in the day and will never catch up again. [panics and cries] So in conclusion: NMR needs to make a decision about where we are moving, my editor needs to learn how to give criticism without making me cry and I need to figure out what/ how I plan to grow as a writer at NMR. And to end on a wonderfully happy note, here is my last couple weeks in photos that make my heart smile.


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