Moving to Costa Mesa in 4 weeks

I can’t quite believe it BUT I just turned in my application for my first studio apartment! One block from The Camp, one mile from The Goat and only 7 minutes from my friends, this place could not be more perfect. What would have been more perfect would have been not losing my ID in the process and having to figure out a time to go down and take a new picture again but even that can’t  touch the excitement I feel about living on my own.

My new backyard: complete with coffee shop, photo station, fountains and hammock! Only one block away!

This weekend my family came down to look at apartments all around the OC area with me, so sweet right? Newport Village was the first one we looked at and I instantly fell in love. With only 125 apartments, I didn’t feel lost in the residents and numbers. The one apartment available was a studio on the second floor surrounded by trees which made it feel like a treehouse, the thing I had always liked best about Dartmouth. It seems funny to base such a huge decision on a simple feeling but I would be being untrue to myself if I didn’t. Traveling next to apartments which turned out to be a correction facility–I think we actually saw two guys doing cocaine– and then to Tustin where we came upon The Eaves, the top contender with Newport Village. To be honest the place was perfect, the apartment was a modern studio with painted walls, base molding and a view of a pond below but for some reason I was anxious the whole time, uncomfortable when it started to get serious about signing the lease. Yes, those damn feelings again. But turns out they were right! By some stroke of luck, someone submitted an application right before me and delayed me for the apartment and I would have to wait until Monday. It’s true that everything happens for a reason because upon driving home, thinking and reviewing The Eaves on yelp, I found the place was indeed too good to be true. With ever raising rent, an unhelpful staff and cars being broken into, The Eaves was knocked off the list of places to rent. Long story short– which is silly because when has any woman in my family told a short story?– the Newport Village is reviewing my application as we speak! Cross your fingers that in a month it will be good bye closet and hello paradise! But I’ll have to leave my organ, piano, pet and water bed at home, the price of being an adult. A new start with infinite possibilities, and I can’t wait.



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